is the compelling, ambitious Audiomind, Incorporated debut album from

Big O Dizzy

a group led by noted Philly producer, Adam Goldman. Each of the musicians on this album is an experienced professional in their own right, and it shows. As a unit, Big O Dizzy brings to Goldman's infectious jazz-tinged pop/r&b compositions a trememdous array of technique and style, melded together with a sure hand and top notch sonic quality. Standouts include the title cut, "Friends", as well as "Shoulders of Giants", "Superman", and "Thank You".

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 Tracks from the album "Friends"
by Big O Dizzy:

MP3-Control Yourself

MP3-Field Of Pain

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Big O Dizzy


Adam Goldman - Drums, Keyboards, Horns, Voices
Danny Bacon - Bass, Voices
Mark Wolfe - Guitars, Voices
Andy Lipnick - Guitars

Assisted by:
Marianne Goldman - Flute
Mary L. Goldman - Verbal Contribution

And various other Friends where required......

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